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After 20+ years of computers I finally broke down and got a Mac at work to replace my crappy Windows 10 machine. Keeping notes here of things I learn…


  • Swap cntl and option key - this maps more similar to windows and an ext usb keyboard
  • Tweak Parallels settings for
    • Memory - increase
    • Server type - set to 'Development'
  • Set DefaultKeyBinding to fix home/end key functionality and mimic Windows (add this file to /Users/jpriest/Library/KeyBindings)
  • Set keyboard shortcut to open apps with Automator
  • Automate start / shutoff time in system preferences to avoid having to touch laptop to start / stop (when it's under desk)
  • ColdFusion
    • disable built in Apache and install Apache from brew
    • install CF using built in server first then run
      • wsconfig sudo ./wsconfig -ws Apache -bin /usr/local/bin/httpd -script /usr/local/bin/apachectl -dir /usr/local/etc/httpd/ -v


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